Continuously from P11, it’s time to print them and mount them!

I used my printer and glossy photo paper to print these. I printed these and cut them 8 by 8 inches and mounted them on 9 by 9 inches black mount boards. After carefully positioning and leveling, I mounted them on the wall using 3M products. I noticed that Thor’s Hammer panel is not mounted well on the board, so I’m going to fix it later. Overall, I really like it and I’ll do bunch of these with other characters in near future!



Print Print Print PrintI recently moved to new apartment and it’s messy! The first things I did include setting up my surround speakers, TV, receivers, perfect positions of every furniture. But I haven’t done any decorations yet and I decided to use this opportunity to decorate my living room wall.

I had this in my mind even before I moved here and I’m glad I have finally done it. I’m making a simple wall collage with my favorite movie characters. I decided to start with Marvel heroes: Captain America, the Hulk, Iron Man and Thor. Next,I’ll try Star Wars and then Disney.

I obtained many source photos from Google and worked in Photoshop. To emphasize these are from American comics, I used famous comics style that I can’t remember the name. (It’s the one with many small dots)

The photos are my results. I expect to print these and mount on the wall next week 🙂





I was unable to attend Venice Beach, so I decided to finish this project at home. I used the photo looks like I used bright green and pink but I actually used solid green and red: my two favorite colors. 



I usually don’t like bubbly letter style but I’m glad I at least tried! 

[ACTIVITIES] 6. Counterfactual

DSC_1682I usually dress casually. I wear jeans all the time and t-shirts. I don’t usually get cold, but when I do, I add a zipped hoodie, and that’s it. I wear flip-flops ALL THE TIME, and I mean ALL THE TIME. The only exception is when I attend funerals, weddings, or go to work. I don’t care if it’s raining hard, I don’t care I’m hiking all day. I only wear flip-flops. But this time, for this activity, I dressed up full formally. This is the extreme opposite of my style. I even borrowed a bow-tie and a handkerchief from my friend. Often times, due to my appearance (skinny Asian with long hair and thick glasses) and my major (mathematics), I’m often called a nerd and I don’t deny it. I actually do have definite nerdy features. And interestingly, when I was dressed like this, half of people I asked called me a nerd again! I guess it’s my face that makes me a nerd! And other popular answers include a waiter and a teacher, which is also interesting, since I am indeed a waiter and a teacher. I work part-time at a restaurant and I teach high school students privately or at a after-school academy. This was very interesting since even though I changed my outfit 180 degrees, people actually got me. I suppose my outfit has little thing to do with what people think about me, at least in my case.


I couldn’t go to LACMA with classmates, so I went to LACMA with my girlfriend on another day. I had never been to LACMA since last halloween; there was Tim Burton exhibition going on at that time. Anyway, for some reason on the day we visited, there were lot of visitors even though it was a weekday. The parking lot was already full when we got there and we had to circle around LACMA trying to look for empty metered parking spot. It had been long time without visiting museum or gallery, we decided to look around all exhibitions in all buildings. There were many galleries opened but my favorite art piece was in a gallery that was not so popular; even though it was crowded day, the gallery was almost empty. I looked through all galleries but as soon as I saw the art, I knew it is the one I’m going to post here.

The art was formed by numerous geometric figures: concentric circles, triangles inscribed in another triangles, squares of many sizes, and many lines that connect each figures. Use of line in visual art is actually my thing as well; I tend to focus on formation of lines in my photographic works. Moreover, use of geometric figures is also my thing. I use common geometric figures, especially hexagons and squares in my designs. It was no doubt that I chose this art as my favorite in LACMA.

The art was by Emil Bisttram (1895-1976) from Hungary but active in U.S. It is called ‘Projection No. 3 (Eye in the Sky)’ from 1936. There was no other description about this art other than those, which was disappointing. But when I came home and Googled the artist’s name, many other similar art work showed and I spent some time looking through his arts!Image

[artist interview] Kiyomi Fukui

She did this very impressive embossed printings. She was born in Michigan. She briefly visited Japan but she doesn’t remember a thing. Her works are done by a technique called intaglio. When I first looked at them, it looked very hard but she told me that it is very controllable and that’s why she very likes it. The printing process didn’t take much time, but she started this project last November; she planned, reprinted some prints, and finally finished it last week. Ever since she was a kid, she was very artistic so choosing art as major was very natural. She couldn’t even think of anything else. She has BFA in graphic design and she is getting master in printing. She plans to teach after.


[classmate interview] Jacob Wehrman

Jacob is a freshman here and he studies business currently, but he plans to change it though he hasn’t come up with something yet. He is looking for something he will enjoy. He also plans to transfer to UCLA. He grew up nearby Long Beach. As hobby, he does martial arts! Since he was young, he had been doing Tae Kwon Do, and recently he is learning Karate. He likes this class and he is taking this course as a GE requirement, but he thinks he is not talented in art 😦 


Avatar Interview

UntitledOn Saturday around noon, I interviewed Douglas Story and Desdemona Enfield in SL. They have been constructing in SL since 2007. Then they took me to a huge spherical building with some layers which we can fly through. Each floor had distinct music. Desdemona was in charge of script in SL but Douglas asked her for his specific projects and that’s how they met. They have not met in real life. Desdemona majored in physics, mathematics, languages, history, and art. I’m not sure if she was joking or not. Douglas majored in communication arts in UCSD and in real life he is currently in television business.

[Student Interview] Daniela Gabriel

She is a first year student studying child development. She has been volunteering at a hospital in neonatal care department for three years. She is taking ART110 not only as a GE requirement but also because she is interested in art; she draws and paints at home as hobby. She has a younger brother, 15 years old, who also wants to come to CSULB. When we talked about beaches, she said her favorite is Hermosa Beach.