[ACTIVITIES] 6. Counterfactual

DSC_1682I usually dress casually. I wear jeans all the time and t-shirts. I don’t usually get cold, but when I do, I add a zipped hoodie, and that’s it. I wear flip-flops ALL THE TIME, and I mean ALL THE TIME. The only exception is when I attend funerals, weddings, or go to work. I don’t care if it’s raining hard, I don’t care I’m hiking all day. I only wear flip-flops. But this time, for this activity, I dressed up full formally. This is the extreme opposite of my style. I even borrowed a bow-tie and a handkerchief from my friend. Often times, due to my appearance (skinny Asian with long hair and thick glasses) and my major (mathematics), I’m often called a nerd and I don’t deny it. I actually do have definite nerdy features. And interestingly, when I was dressed like this, half of people I asked called me a nerd again! I guess it’s my face that makes me a nerd! And other popular answers include a waiter and a teacher, which is also interesting, since I am indeed a waiter and a teacher. I work part-time at a restaurant and I teach high school students privately or at a after-school academy. This was very interesting since even though I changed my outfit 180 degrees, people actually got me. I suppose my outfit has little thing to do with what people think about me, at least in my case.


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