I couldn’t go to LACMA with classmates, so I went to LACMA with my girlfriend on another day. I had never been to LACMA since last halloween; there was Tim Burton exhibition going on at that time. Anyway, for some reason on the day we visited, there were lot of visitors even though it was a weekday. The parking lot was already full when we got there and we had to circle around LACMA trying to look for empty metered parking spot. It had been long time without visiting museum or gallery, we decided to look around all exhibitions in all buildings. There were many galleries opened but my favorite art piece was in a gallery that was not so popular; even though it was crowded day, the gallery was almost empty. I looked through all galleries but as soon as I saw the art, I knew it is the one I’m going to post here.

The art was formed by numerous geometric figures: concentric circles, triangles inscribed in another triangles, squares of many sizes, and many lines that connect each figures. Use of line in visual art is actually my thing as well; I tend to focus on formation of lines in my photographic works. Moreover, use of geometric figures is also my thing. I use common geometric figures, especially hexagons and squares in my designs. It was no doubt that I chose this art as my favorite in LACMA.

The art was by Emil Bisttram (1895-1976) from Hungary but active in U.S. It is called ‘Projection No. 3 (Eye in the Sky)’ from 1936. There was no other description about this art other than those, which was disappointing. But when I came home and Googled the artist’s name, many other similar art work showed and I spent some time looking through his arts!Image


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