Monthly Archives: March 2014

[artist interview] Kiyomi Fukui

She did this very impressive embossed printings. She was born in Michigan. She briefly visited Japan but she doesn’t remember a thing. Her works are done by a technique called intaglio. When I first looked at them, it looked very hard but she told me that it is very controllable and that’s why she very likes it. The printing process didn’t take much time, but she started this project last November; she planned, reprinted some prints, and finally finished it last week. Ever since she was a kid, she was very artistic so choosing art as major was very natural. She couldn’t even think of anything else. She has BFA in graphic design and she is getting master in printing. She plans to teach after.



[classmate interview] Jacob Wehrman

Jacob is a freshman here and he studies business currently, but he plans to change it though he hasn’t come up with something yet. He is looking for something he will enjoy. He also plans to transfer to UCLA. He grew up nearby Long Beach. As hobby, he does martial arts! Since he was young, he had been doing Tae Kwon Do, and recently he is learning Karate. He likes this class and he is taking this course as a GE requirement, but he thinks he is not talented in art 😦 


Avatar Interview

UntitledOn Saturday around noon, I interviewed Douglas Story and Desdemona Enfield in SL. They have been constructing in SL since 2007. Then they took me to a huge spherical building with some layers which we can fly through. Each floor had distinct music. Desdemona was in charge of script in SL but Douglas asked her for his specific projects and that’s how they met. They have not met in real life. Desdemona majored in physics, mathematics, languages, history, and art. I’m not sure if she was joking or not. Douglas majored in communication arts in UCSD and in real life he is currently in television business.

[Student Interview] Daniela Gabriel

She is a first year student studying child development. She has been volunteering at a hospital in neonatal care department for three years. She is taking ART110 not only as a GE requirement but also because she is interested in art; she draws and paints at home as hobby. She has a younger brother, 15 years old, who also wants to come to CSULB. When we talked about beaches, she said her favorite is Hermosa Beach. 


[Artist Interview] Manny Krakowski

His work is about perspective about material relationship. Manny is a CSULB sculpture grad student. He decided his major in high school and he studied ceramics when he was an undergraduate student. He likes various forms of arts such as photography and performing arts. When I asked him about 3D printer, he said it is amazing and it is great that many people can afford them these days.


Katherine Vu

This week’s artist is Katherine Vu. She is a photography major. Her first camera was a little disposable camera. She was first art major but some classes she took changed her major to photography. She does not have specific objects she likes to take pictures of: she thinks of message first and take pictures.


Argenis Hernandez

Today I interviewed Argenis Hernandez. He is a first year student and his major is undeclared but he is pretty sure he is looking for something similar to computer engineering. He has been living in Long Beach for his whole life! He has two brothers and he really enjoys this class. He likes watching movies just like I do. He watches comedy action or adventure movies. Recently, he watched Prison Break. He listens to rock and metal music. He drives Honda Civic. He is currently not working but he’s looking into one.