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[Art110] Interview with a classmate

His name is Christian Aguilar and he majors in mechanical engineering. He does graffiti work as a hobby. Initially, he wanted to be an architect but he decided not to do it since it is not economically worth it. But he still considers doing it as a side job or hobby. He is very outdoor-going person as he enjoys hiking and camping. His dream car is Rolls Royce Phantom. He positively thinks of this class as it uses SNS which follows current trend.


[ART110] Interview with an artist

The artist’s name is Meghan Smythe. She is from Toronto, Canada, and is a ceramics artist. She’s been doing ceramics for 10 years. Her work is very visual and consist of human parts such as organs, arms, feet and etc. She used soft colors in order to lighten the mood. It took approximately one year and half to finish the work, and currently she is a part-time faculty at CSULB.